Why are you like that?
Why are you like that?

Jerry Hall by Thierry Mugler for Playboy, 1999
This is very ALIEN to me

God fuckin dammit?! Why is almost EVERY Thierry Mugler (notice I didn’t say just Mugler because there is a crucial difference. Look what that is up yourself because it’s not my job to spoon feed you just because your starving of fierceness) photo credit wrong?! I’m glad the millennial s have discovered Thierry Mugler but there are A LOT of important things that lead to him being what I consider to be the best and one of those things was the pairing of him with Jerry Hall. Jerry Hall is a very important rung on the ladder of fierceness and THIS IS NOT JERRY HALL!
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I appreciate this mannequin concept. It’s not KILLING ME, but its chic. Cranberry is exclusive because its one of the three fruits that are only native to North America.

You rang….?