Why are you like that?
Why are you like that?
Red Bearded Vulture
#creaturemorefiercethanyou of the day is the Amazonian Royal Flycatcher because he was smart enough to call himself royal thus setting up a system of hierarchy based on creative headwear thus securing himself as ruling Glamazon. He is not only gorgeous but also has nerve… “And it DO take nerve”…
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Today’s #creaturemorefiercethanyou of the day is Goldie Hawn in Overboard! That “invisi-thong” she wears should have won the Oscar for best costuming! Truly inspiring!

Black Slime Mold
This photo shows the fruiting bodies (sporangia) of the cosmopolitan slim mold species Comatricha nigra growing on dead wood. The fragile sporangia of this species is less than 1 cm tall.
[Protista - Amoebozoa - Myxogastrea - Stemonitales - Stemonitidaceae - Comatricha Preuss 1851 - Comatricha nigra (Pers.) J. Schröt. 1885]
References: [1] - [2]
Photo credit: ©Juraj Komar | Locality: Piešt̕any, Trnavsky, Slovakia
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