Why are you like that?
Why are you like that?

Purple “cube” Fluorite
Pleistocene Mega Fauna Snowgress and Candy Coated Demi Goddess looking for third for mutual editorial poses and sour patch kids… Photo by @marco_ovando



Kim and Kanye need to chill

Thank god azealia escaped, I need to listen to bwet

Exclusive footage of Kim and Kanye trying to kill Azealia Banks.
#creaturemorefiercethanyou of the day is fake Auntie Entity of the Mad Max series..  Go ahead and laugh at her pink sweater dress spray painted grey (gag).. but before you do take a closer look at that “crossbow”.. Because I think that’s a real fuckin gun?!?! Make no mistake, this bitch runs BarterTown!
Slick It Up fan regram goes to @mrunadulterated looking large in a classic Slick It Up tee. Www.SLICKITUP.com
nice blonde haired lady